Betting on eSports Tournaments: A Growing Trend

Betting on eSports Tournaments: A Growing Trend
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Betting on sports is becoming more and more popular in the world. A special place here is occupied by cybersports. This is a newly emerged distinction that offers not only to play various video games, but also to follow international and national tournaments, predict the outcome of events and earn real money on bets.

It has been calculated in a new report that has been released by the UK Gambling Commission that sports betting has increased by 2992% in recent years. This is a huge percentage that shows a high rate of growth in the popularity of this category in betting shops.

This value was obtained during the pandemic. This is not surprising as many players were locked out of their homes and this was their only income.

So for example if you look at the statistics by year, in March 2019, betting on cyber sports had an income of $64,000. And 12 months later, when the pandemic started in Europe, this income increased to $1,900,000. In April 2020, this amount increased to $4,300,000 USD. You can see that this figure is only growing. And even in 2023 has not yet come to a point where this pace has stopped.

Ways to Make Real Money – Virtual Gaming

Ways to Make Real Money - Virtual Gaming

Bookmakers strive to create the perfect environment for players. They create this by introducing a large number of video games on which you can bet. You will also be able to take advantage of quite favourable odds, find a large number of betting types and earn money on it.

The following will list the most popular games that lead even novice bettors to success. You will also be able to find them in any bookmaker’s office.

Counter Strike

This is quite a popular virtual game, where you will find high betting quotes. You will be able to feel the atmosphere of an action film, a choice of cards, weapons is available to you. In order to win you need to kill your opponents.

Bookmakers present different variations of bets, for example, you can bet on the first kill or the number of kills for the whole game.

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Dota 2

It is considered to be the most popular video game in the world. Championships are held regularly, they have an international level. Championship prizes are huge sums. For example, the biggest reward was $ 40,000,000.

In order to correctly bet on Dota 2 and not lose, you need to clearly understand the whole process of the game. Only by coming up with the right strategy, defining the tactics of success you can constantly earn real money.

It should be remembered that in each tournament several teams are defined. One of them can be the leader, which can easily defeat the newcomers. Take into account the factors of the team, each player, as well as the rivalry. It should be said that betting on Dota 2 is the most reliable even for beginners

World of Tanks

This is a cult virtual game, the popularity of which is growing every day. At the moment there are more than 100,000,000 fans of this virtual game in the world.

You can also find these distinctions in the cybersports section. In order to correctly bet on World of Tanks, you need to understand the intricacies of the process, carefully analyse the information before the upcoming match.

For you was listed a trio of popular cybersport distinctions. Take one of them, analyse all the games, teams, choose the right tactics and earn real money with minimal effort.

Reasons to Start Betting on Cybersports

Football, hockey, and other classic sports for betting are becoming less and less popular. Now people prefer to bet on the most popular differentiators – video games. You can enjoy the most intense events, various special effects, musical accompaniment.

The following will list the reasons for the development of cyber sports:

  • Huge pace of development of this sphere. For example, 10 years ago, most people did not know what video games were. Accordingly, they do not even really know what betting on cybersports is. In a short period of time, video games were able to get on the podium and take a leading place in sports betting. Now the less people prefer to bet on classic sports like football, basketball and more;
  • The development of competition analytics – so for example if you want to analyse sporting events, it is quite easy in cyber sports. Since this discipline has appeared quite recently, there are not so many professionals. If you bet on cyber sports, you will often see odds errors. These are the ones that will help you earn even more real money. For example, a study was conducted in which experts made 80 predictions of the event. Only 69% of them turned out to be correct;
  • The opportunity to learn the discipline from within – in order to make successful bets you need to know the rules of the game. In video games, this is quite simple as you will be able to experience the process yourself. This way you will learn the mechanics of the game, come up with your strategies for winning the chips. You will be able to choose different games, for example, if you choose near professional tournaments, respectively they play like you, you will be able to analyse the result carefully enough and make a profitable bet;
  • You’ll enjoy not only the bets, but also the matches themselves – some bettors feel great enjoyment from classic tournaments. One when you watch a fairly intense tournament on Counter Strike, Dota 2 or League of Legends, you will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of the game, feel yourself inside it;
  • A fairly simple betting process – if we have been betting on hockey, football or basketball for quite some time, then you are familiar with all the processes of betting on them. If you want to switch from these sports to Counter Strike, Dota 2 and more, you won’t have to learn a lot of new information. If you can also find over/under totals, betting on the number of goals, total points and more.

If you want to go deeper into the field of cybersport, then go to any bookmaker and start betting. This way you can learn all the strategies and tactics and choose a bet that is favourable for you. Cybersport is an emerging discipline that is open to everyone. Even beginners can become professional bettors quite quickly.

Betting on Сlassic sports and Сybersports: Comparison 

Betting on Сlassic sports and Сybersports: Comparison 

In order for you to understand exactly which discipline is more suitable for you, a comparison has been made. Below you can find out the main differences between these two betting categories.

Classic SportsCybersport
Ability to influence the outcome of an eventThere is no dependence on external factors
Dependence on weather conditions and the state of the players in the teamYou will be able to analyse all match results, team strategies
Ability to analyse past results, matches and statisticsThe results of the game depend on the skills and abilities of the players in the team.
Large enough choice of sports, daily sporting eventsQuite a fast developing type of betting
All games are based on physical competitionsAll games are based on virtual events

Now you can independently analyse which sports variant is suitable for you. Study them, come up with your own strategies and earn real money with sports betting and cyber sports.