Casino-Themed Video Games: Where Entertainment Meets Gambling

Casino-Themed Video Games: Where Entertainment Meets Gambling
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Gambling and gaming are two fairly fast growing fields in the modern world. It is worth differentiating between them. Gaming is games, which are not connected with remuneration, here you can get a lot of bright and positive emotions. And gambling is all kinds of games of chance, where you can feel the adrenaline rush and make a bet, respectively, with a positive outcome you will earn real money. 

At the moment you can find a lot of video games that are quite interesting and do not charge you and they have a casino theme. This is when you get the opportunity to get an adrenaline rush but without spending real money on it. In addition they help you feel the atmosphere of a real casino .

GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas

This is one of the first video games in which the casino theme was introduced. Rockstar company offers gamers to look at the world of video games from the other side – to feel positive emotions with a huge map. 

Here you can swim in the ocean, fly an aeroplane, ride a train or a bicycle. In addition, players are encouraged to travel, climb a mountain and even play in a casino. 

In order to provide the opportunity to gamble inside the video game, a whole city was created. It was named Las Venturas and is a prototype of the real Las Vegas. 

In the city you can find more than 14 recognisable worldwide casinos , the three most popular of which are : 

  • Caligula;
  • The Floor;
  • Four Dragons. 

Here players can find slot machines, roulette, card games, table games and try their luck at roulette. This is a great option to relax after completing a challenging mission. 

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GTA 5 Online

The second time the casino appeared in this game. All gambling is located in the popular and unusual complex The Diamond Casino & Resort. This establishment is situated in the fictional neighbourhood of VineWood Hills. All gambling money can be exchanged for chips. The most popular entertainment options here are: 

  • Texas Hold’em;
  • Slots machines;
  • Roulette;
  • Betting on horse racing;
  • Wheel of Fortune;
  • Blackjack;
  • Mafia;
  • Dice. 

One of the main features of the game is that you can compete within it with other players and beat them. At the same time you can determine how often luck is on your side. 

The Sims 3

Even fans of this game can enjoy playing a casino inside the video game. Such an opportunity was offered to fans in the third part of the entertainment from Electronic arts. 

Here all players can try their luck in an unusual casino called Lucky Simoleon. Here you will find all the best online games, so for example a particular popularity are Blackjack, slots, roulette. Like all gambling machines in the simulators they have genuine names, but you can definitely find your favourite game by its description. 

Such entertainment will help to make your game hero very rich. You will be able to buy yourself anything you want, build a dream house and create a perfect family. Also in the third version of sims, you are given the opportunity to put a slot machine or a table for card games in your home.

Fallout New Vegas

Here you will face the Mojave Desert, which is presented in the post-apocalyptic state of Nevada. Here they meet the same harsh conditions as in the real world. However, there is only one difference – players can meet raiders and mutant monsters in the usual cacti. 

But here you will also find brightly coloured signs, which will help you to escape from the desert’s harsh conditions and run away from the mutants. In the game meet several casinos, the popular ones are : 

  • Gomorrah;
  • Lucky 38;
  • Tops;
  • Ultra Luxe;
  • Sierra Madre;
  • Vicki and Vance;
  • Atomic Cowboy. 

Players will have to place their caps in the form of a bet. They are the game currency inside the game. You can use them to play roulette , blackjack, slots and the card game Caravan. 

Casino Inc 

Casino Inc 

Is a unique opportunity for players. They can create their own casino inside the game. This is much more interesting than just logging into a video game and starting to play the entertainment on offer. You will have to go through a complicated stage of building, selecting games, choosing chips instead of money. 

This simulator will help you pump up your knowledge and skills, you will have to think about how to construct everything correctly and start earning inside this game. All players have the opportunity to develop their own casino corporation. 

You will have to hire and train staff, think about everything down to the wallpaper on the wall. You need to think about what games will be in demand and bring you profit. Only in this case you will benefit and can become a really powerful owner of the casino corporation. 

The game develops your entrepreneurial and competitive nature. You will compete with the other players and endeavour to attract more players to your side. You must have a certain level of stamina to be able to develop such a complex business. 


It can be realised that the field of gaming and gambling are very closely related. For example, in betting companies you can find a cyber sports section. They offer to follow tournaments in popular video games and make bets on them. Another example of the takeover of one sphere by another has been presented to you. More and more popular entertainment seeks to introduce casinos, as it is this category of entertainment that attracts a large number of players due to the fact that here you can get a lot of positive emotions and earn real money.